Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Soup Stocks

Long soaking in cold water, draws out the juices of meat and dissolves the gelatine. Soup stocks are prepared in this manner and then cooked at a low temperature. Celery leaves can be tied in a bunch and hung in a sunny place to dry, then placed in a paper bag, ready for use. The stalks and roots can be dried in a slow oven, powdered and bottled. Celery seed can be used for soups when the celery root or stalks are not at hand. Take outside leaves of dried onions, wash, dry and keep on hand in glass covered can; add while boiling to soup if dark color is desired.

Wipe and salt meat; place in soup kettle and let stand 1 hour. Add the cold water and let stand hour longer. Place on stove, let come to the boiling point. If clear soup is preferred skim now. This scum contains the chief nutritive value of the soup. If allowed to remain a large part of it will pass through the strainer.

Let soup simmer 3 hours or longer, then add the vegetables, cook one hour longer, adding more hot water, if too much has evaporated. Strain, cool, skim off the fat, add seasonings, reheat and just before serving, add the parsley. If the meat is to be served at table remove from soup as soon as tender and serve with any well seasoned sauce.

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Soup stocks

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