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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

How To Cook Rhubarb ~ "To cook rhubarb, cut it into inch pieces and remove the stringy peel. Cook in a glass or earthen casserole dish in the oven until it is soft, adding just enough sugar to sweeten. This will give you a splendid product. Do not use the leaves of the rhubarb. And do not cook rhubarb in tin; the mineral salt or acid content of the fruit reacts upon the metal and sets up an active poison."

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie ~ "A Strawberry rhubarb pie [folk name pie plant] is a type of tart/sweet pie made with a strawberry and rhubarb filling, and sometimes containing tapioca. It has a bottom pie crust and often a lattice-style upper crust."

"This pie is a traditional dessert in the Appalachian regions, and is part of New England cuisine."

"The filling for this pie is prepared in a non-aluminum pan. Only the stalks of the rhubarb are used, as the leaves and roots contain oxalic acid and other unknown poisons. Frostbitten stalks are also avoided as they can also be toxic. Rhubarb used in strawberry rhubarb pie is rinsed and trimmed, and can also be peeled."

"A common folk name for rhubarb is 'pie plant' presumably because it is commonly used in pies."

From Household Science and Arts by Josephine Morris

Rhubarb Pie Recipe
2 Cups Of Rhubarb
3/4 Cups Of Sugar
1 Cup Strawberries *
1 Egg
1/8 Teaspoon Of Salt
2 Tablespoons Of Flour

"Line a plate with pastry. Wash the rhubarb and cut it into inch pieces. Mix the sugar, salt, flour, and beaten egg, add the mixture to the rhubarb, put on a top crust, or lattice pastry strips. Bake the pie until the crust is brown and the rhubarb is soft. The egg in this recipe may be omitted."

*The original rhubarb pie recipe from Household Science and Arts by Josephine Morris did not include strawberries

RhubarbStrawberry Rhubarb Pie

Text Credit: How To Cook Rhubarb
Text Credit: Wikipedia
Text Credit: Household Science and Arts by Josephine Morris
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