Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trifle Dessert

Fans of the show Friends remember the episode when the culinary challenged Rachel makes a trifle dessert as her contribution to a Thanksgiving dinner. The cookbook she is referencing has two pages stuck together and this results in her dessert having meat and peas as part of the ingredients. Here's hoping a more successful outcome for others making trifle dessert[s].

"Trifle is a dessert dish made from thick [or often solidified] custard, fruit, sponge cake, fruit juice or gelatin, and whipped cream. These ingredients are usually arranged in layers with fruit and sponge on the bottom, and custard and cream on top."

Spongecake Trifle

"Pieces of stale sponge cake spread with strawberry or raspberry jam; add tiny macaroons, if liked. Pour over all two sherry glasses of sherry, and when well soaked into the cake, add one pint of plain boiled custard [made with the yolks of three eggs, three tablespoonfuls of sugar, a pinch of salt and one pint of milk], flavor with vanilla and drop small teaspoonfuls of whipped cream over the top. Serve very cold."

Cake Trifle

"Line a glass dish with thin slices of stale cake or halved lady fingers. Spread with a little jelly and cover with a layer of macaroons. Pour vanilla-flavored boiled custard over the macaroons and top with whipped cream. Bananas, peaches, or other fruits may be used in combination with this dish. Serve very cold."

Pineapple Trifle

"Dissolve 1 pkg. orange jello in 1/2 pt. boiling water. When cool add 1/2 cup grated pineapple, juice of 1/2 orange, 1/3 cup sugar. Let stand until it begins to thicken then add 1/2 pt. of cream whipped stiff."

Brown Sugar Trifle

"One pint of brown sugar, and a half a cup of hot water with a pinch of salt, boiled to a syrup, half a box of gelatine dissolved in cold water [enough to cover the gelatine] for half an hour, half a pound of walnuts. Pour syrup on the gelatine, add the nuts, which must be chopped fine, and cool until it jellies, but not too stiff. Beat stiff the whites of four eggs, stir into gelatine mixture and pour into mold. Serve with a custard made from the four yolks, or from whipped cream."

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Text Credit: Wikipedia
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