Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken If your grocer does not provide Murray's chicken pieces i strongly suggest you request---no make that demand they do. Murray's is free range organic fed no additives chicken. i find it really does make a difference in the recipe.Cuts for this recipe: Breasts, thighs, legs, are the pieces i prefer. Not really a fan of chicken wings or backs but of course these pieces may be used also. Choose any or all of these pieces as to your preference. Rinse with warm water [warm water is preferable to cold as warm water tends to make tenderizing go faster.

Pierce all pieces. The piercing is so that the chicken will cook evenly and also so that the dipping mixture not only bathes but is absorbed into the pieces. Set the rinsed pieces aside for dipping mixture.

Dipping mixture: 3 extra large eggs. Tablespoon of honey. 1/4 cup of milk. Stir the wet ingredients. Soak the chicken pieces in the dipping mixture for approximately 10 minutes. For the breading: 1 cup flour [Heckers] 1 cup bread crumbs [Progresso] Jamaican jerk spice to taste---this spice is used to tenderize as well as for flavoring but it is spicy so if heat is not to your liking, use sparingly. Black pepper, red pepper, parsley,rosemary, poultry seasoning. Blend all dry ingredients.

Dredge the soaked chicken pieces into blended dry mixture. Pour vegetable oil in frying pan---enough to coat the pan. Place chicken pieces in frying pan. i use an electric fryer for this but a skillet on stove top works too. Medium heat for 20 mins. Then turn the pieces.

Murray's Chicken Piecesflour breadcrumbs eggs milk honey spices

milk honey egg mixturebreaded chicken piecesfried chicken

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