Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boston Baked Bean Salad. Sliced Pim-Olas and Pickle Garnish

Boston Baked Bean Salad. Sliced Pim-Olas and Pickle Garnish

The quantity of oil to be used in this salad will depend upon the quantity of pork used in cooking the beans. Often, when the dish is intended for sedentary people, no pork is used. In this case three or four tablespoonfuls of oil will be none too much for a pint of beans.

Into this stir about half a teaspoonful of paprika, a few drops of onion juice, and, very gradually, two tablespoonfuls of vinegar.

Mix this through the beans, and turn them on or into the serving-dish. Cover, and let stand half an hour in a cool place. Finish with slices of Pim-Olas and fans cut from tiny cucumber pickles. To cut the fans use a shap thin bladed knife to slice a teaspoonful of fine cut chives is considered the best form in which onions can be introduced into bean salad.

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