Saturday, February 9, 2013

Boiled and Baked Ham

Boiled Ham recipe - The day before you wish to boil a ham, scrape, wash and wipe it dry, and put it in the sun. At night put it into water and soak till next morning. Then lay it with the skin down in a boiler of cold water, and boil slowly for five hours. If the ham is large, boil six hours. When perfectly done and tender, set the boiler aside, with the ham and liquor undisturbed, until cold. Then take off the skin, sprinkle black pepper over thickly, and sift over crackers first browned and pounded; for special occasions, place at equal distances over the ham, scraped horseradish in Jozenge shape, and edged with curled parsley. This mode keeps the ham juicy.—Mrs. S. T.

Baked Ham recipe - First of all, soak an old ham overnight, having first washed and scraped it. Next morning put in a boiler of milk-warm water with the skin side down. Boil slowly for four or five hours, according to size, and if a very large ham, six horn's. When done, set aside, the boiler with the ham and liquor in it, to remain until cold; when the skin must be taken off, and it must be trimmed of a nice shape. Sprinkle over two tablespoonfuIs black pepper. Lay the ham on a grating or twist in the baking-pan, in which pour a pint of water, and set it in a hot oven. This mode prevents the frying so disagreeable to the taste. After the ham is heated through, and the pepper strikes in, sift over cracker; return to the oven and brown, then decorate with scraped horseradish and parsley, and serve. —Mr». 8. T.

Title: Housekeeping in old Virginia: Containing contributions from two hundred and fifty ladies in Virginia and her sister states. Editor: Marion Cabell Tyree. Publisher: J. P. Morton & Co., 1879. Original from: Harvard University. Digitized: Jun 28, 2007. Length: 528 pages. Subjects: Cookery, American, Cooking, American

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